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A Nation Divided

What happened to the United States of America? Simply put, she has forgotten who she was. The foundation principles inspired by God and established by the Constitution no longer have meaning in the halls of Congress. The cornerstone doctrine of a limited central government is ignored. Excessive taxation, uncontrolled spending, and unsustainable debt have the United States on the road to bankruptcy. Worse yet is the social demise of America’s greatest asset, the American individual. Can America rediscover herself? She will or she will fail. This book tells the story were America went off course and reveals the sacred principles to which she must return to find her glory. Rex Rammell, a veterinarian and former elk rancher from the mountains of Idaho, became nationally famous in 2006 for his stand against the State government. The Idaho governor issued an extermination order on Dr. Rammell’s elk after the majority of his private herd escaped through a breach in the fence. His courageous fight over property rights propelled him into a 2008 contest with the former Idaho governor for the United States Senate seat held by Larry Craig. During his 2006 battle and the six years before it, Dr. Rammell became well acquainted with the principles of the Constitution in his fight to preserve his rights. His book “A Nation Divided: The War for America’s Soul” is a summary of principles he discovered during his battles. A devoutly religious man, he believes America’s only hope is to return to the sacred principles of the Constitution, which he believes America has abandoned.

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Wyoming is in Trouble!

Wyomingites raised the roof when Donald Trump upset would be president Hillary Clinton. Trump a pro coal, pro energy president now held the highest office in the land. With Trump in federal regulations would be repealed, coal, oil, and gas prices and the future of Wyoming would soar. Trump would be Wyoming’s savior or would he? Jump ahead one year into his presidency. Yes; regulations have been curtailed, but prices for coal and gas have not come up and oil only slightly. In fact, the CREG report projects the demand for coal will continue to decline as natural gas takes more and more of its market share. The price for natural gas will…read more